The Natural 24K Gold Facial Cleanser I Keep Repurchasing squib

Thanks to my mom, I’ve been blessed with skin that can be pretty finicky. I guess you can call it a gift and a curse (Thanks, Mom!). Growing up, I was obsessed with skincare and makeup products, but wasn’t allowed to experiment because of my cultural upbringing. Fast forward to my high school years, I developed a serious case of acne, which led me on a wild goose chase because I was unsure of what products to use on my lightly melanated skin. Due to my lack of skincare knowledge, I became a sucker for using the same products as my best friends, only to learn that not all skincare products are created equal.

After many years of playing a trial and error game of failed skincare products, I finally found a product that works wonders for my pigmented skin, and that’s Truly Beauty’s 24K Gold Black Soap Impurity Facial Cleanser. I found this cleanser by accident, as I was initially searching for a natural whipped body butter and stumbled upon an ad for Truly Beauty. Perusing through the site, I came across the 24K gold black soap cleanser which had amazing reviews, not only because it’s vegan and free of nasty toxins, but because it showed the cleanser had worked for brown girls like me! 

The 24K Gold Black Soap Facial Cleanser has a rich black hue, almost like melted charcoal toothpaste, with 100%  pure gold flecks, which oozes straight out of the tube upon opening. The liquid looks thick but is lightweight to the touch, letting your skin feel like luxurious butter (you know, the one that comes in a wrapper instead of a box) upon application. This 2 in1 cleanser packs a punch as it contains cane sugar beads which are natural exfoliants that brightens dull, tired-looking skin as if you’ve just applied the holy grail of moisturizing cream.

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