Hillary Clinton Shoots Down ‘Lesbian’ Rumors to Howard Stern: ‘I Actually Like Men!’ squib

Emma McIntyre

In his combination memoir and book of interviews released earlier this year, Howard Stern lamented the one guest he regrets never being able to book.

“I don’t think I’ve ever tried harder to get a guest than I did with Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 election,” Stern wrote, positing that if his listeners had gotten the chance to hear her through his lens, she may have actually beaten Donald Trump.

“To some people it wouldn’t have mattered what we talked about. Just the fact that she had the guts to show up might’ve done the trick,” he added. So why didn’t she? I’ll tell you why. She was afraid. She got tight. She thought it was in the bag, and she thought, ‘I could go talk to Howard and really screw things up.’ She thought it was a gamble. In my mind, the gamble was not coming on the show. I was right. Had she done the show, it might’ve changed the election.” 

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